Variegated Epipremnum Pinnatum 'Albo'

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Epipremnum pinnatum Albo Variegata is one hot plant, and for good reason- Their gorgeous variegation ranges from large, stark white patches, to mint green smudges, and speckled grey to silver markings too! A showstopper now, and even more so once they grow, these are a definite must-have plant for any collector.


Purchase a cutting, and have us root it for you to take away any risk.  Rooting service is only $24. Then, watch your baby grow fast! You can cut it when it gets too big, and sell or giveaway cuttings, or make multiple plants from it!

Care: Medium to bright, indirect light, with a chunky aroid mix for a well-draining soil. A climbing pole is a good investment for these plants as well. Like all tropical plants, they appreciate warmth and humidity, but adapt well to normal indoor conditions.