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Build a complete, self-sustaining ecosystem to enjoy in your home!

In the Terrarium Workshop, you- or you and a friend- can come to the shop after regular business hours, and create a custom bioactive terrarium with plants that you pick out! There will even be tiny, live workers inside your Terrarium, that will help keep it clean and efficient. 

We provide everything you need- substrate, plants, instruction- so that by the time you leave, you'll understand what makes a good, low-maintenance terrarium, and what needs to be done to keep it looking sharp moving forward (very little!).

The terrarium workshop typically lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. There's room for 2 guests in our small shop, so at this time, we can only accomodate individuals and couples. We hope to move into a larger location someday, where we will plan to host larger workshops.

Pricing is as follows:

Terrarium Workshop with medium sized vessel - $100

Terrarium Workshop with large sized vessel - $145

If purchased online, we will reach out to schedule your workshop. Please feel free to contact us in advance with any questions you have about the workshops! Email info@vedasplantshop.com or text 312-882-8585

Contact us for info regarding larger bioactive terrarium projects, including vivariums, live walls, and more.