Single Use Worm Castings

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This pouch of worm castings is made for a plant in an 8-12 inch (diameter) pot. 

For a smaller pot, just use half the pouch. 

Dump the entire contents of the pouch on top of the soil, and re-apply every 2 months. It's that simple! There's no need to mix it in, or anything. Just water your plant as you normally would, and it will slowly release nutrients, which the plant's roots will absorb. This is a much safer, organic alternative to many of the synthetic and chemical fertilizers out there. The synthetic fertilizers can burn plants if used too frequently or if even a  little too much is used. Worm castings are safe, but still use in moderation, as plants aren't like we are with food. We eat more, we grow. Plants do not typically work like that!