Winter Shipping Terms & Conditions

We are SOOO CLOSE to being in the better weather!! Just bear with us for a few more weeks, (roughly the middle to end of April), and we will be into Regular Shipping mode, with no Heat Packs required. But for now, please include them in your order!

When plants are exposed to temperatures below 50 degrees, they will suffer. That's why we package our orders very carefully, and insulate every plant that we ship out. However, if it is going to be in the 30's, 20's, or even in the teens- either where you live, here in Chicago, or anywhere in between- We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you add a HEAT PACK to your order. We offer a 72 -hour heat pack, which is only $4 to add to your existing order. You can find it here.
If you choose not to add the Heat Pack, your order will still be shipped, and it will still be packed carefully, and insulated, but we cannot stand by the condition of the order when it arrives.
When a plant goes through extreme temperatures on its' way to you, it stresses and shocks the plant. Even if it arrives looking good, if that plant was exposed to cold weather for an extended period of time, and didn't have a heat pack in the box with it, the plant may:
  • take a long time to recover from shipping
  • go completely dormant
  • lose many, or all of its' leaves
  • die
Please understand that we want your plants to arrive to you as safe and healthy as they leave our facility, which is why this is important to us. We have seen what happens when plants are shipped in the winter without adequate protection.