Shipping Updates

**SHIPPING UPDATES** Updated 5/3/2022

5/3/2022 - It could finally be here!! the last cold week before it doesn't go into the 30's at night! Starting Monday, May 9th, we will begin shipping orders out Monday through Wednesday.

It appears that beginning next week, we will be fully into Midwest Spring, also known as Summer!


We'll take it!

Here are the details- If you are 3 or more 'shipping business days' away from us (Chicago), and you order on a Wednesday, your order will go out the next  Monday, so as to avoid the plant being stuck over a weekend in a warehouse with no light or water. If you are one or 2 shipping business days, and you order by Tuesday evening at 11pm, your order will most likely ship out the next day. There may be exceptions to this; should we need to contact you, and are unable to due to missing or incorrect contact info, or if we don't get a response, your order could be delayed, so please be sure to include your email AND phone number when ordering. If you order on a Wednesday, and are 1 or 2 days away, and we have time to get your order together and out that day, we will. Please just remember that we are a storefront, and have customers that we take care of throughout the day as well. As always, we appreciate your business. If you have any questions about shipping, please reach out to us via email or text (fastest). Our email is and the number to text us at is 312-882-8585.


Thank You!


4/20/2022 - As we inch slowly closer to Midwest Spring, and the weather slowly starts to feel more 'Spring-like', we are slowly letting down our guard, and slowly resuming shipping like 'normal'.

But, we are not fully operational as of yet, in regard to shipping. Certain plants that are more sensitive than others, we will continue to hold back until Mondays and Tuesdays, to ensure that they don't get stuck in a freezing holding facility over the weekend.

We are hoping that next week- or the First Week of May- we might return to normal shipping methods and procedures:

Typically shipping out within 1-2 business days of receiving your order (depending on the location of your plant), and shipping Monday through Thursday- are where we hope to be by the time May 1st/2nd come around.

We will still monitor weather conditions, as well as national and regional issues that could cause shipping delays (pandemics, supply chain shortages, etc.), and may occasionally choose to delay a shipment from going out based on these factors. As always, we appreciate your patience, and your business!

3/30/2022 - We are not quite out of the COLD woods yet, so please continue to add a 72 hour heat pack to your order if the weather is slated to get below 50. We are still shipping on Monday's and Tuesday's only, so we can avoid any plants being delayed over a weekend in a cold warehouse. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions regarding shipping and timelines. Thank you!

 3/21/2022 - Spring is in the air! With the slowly rising temps, we are slowly starting to resume normal shipping procedures, and will continue to monitor changing weather, in both our location, and the destination of the package. Please be sure that you add a 72 hour heat pack if your temperature is going to drop below 50 degrees. We cannot be responsible for damage to plants due to temperature and mishandling during shipping. We are providing the tools to package them safely, and need your help with this process by adding the heat pack. It is better to be safe than sorry, so we suggest using one even if it's going to be around 50 in your area.


Please note on the graphic below, that we are not completely warmed up yet! But it is coming!

Thank you! 

3/3/2022 - We are current with all orders, and will continue to ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays- WEATHER PERMITTING. While the weather continues to fluctuate, as Midwest Spring weather does, we are out of the single digits for the most part. We will continue to monitor the weather across the nation, and if we feel that it isn't safe for your plant to travel, we may hold it until we feel it is a better temperature. As always, thank you for your continued support!



2/28/2022 Update -

As of Monday, Feb 28th, we will get every single order out to the carrier, and en route to those that ordered them!

The weather is forecasted to be above freezing for several days, and we will continue to package your plants carefully, using insulation, and hoping that you purchased a heat pack!

Thank you for your patience with us, and with the weather. It has been our first winter shipping plants in this type of weather, so it has been a bit nerve-racking, but we are definitely learning what works, and what doesn't during this time.

Please reach out to us directly if you had any issue with your plant arriving safely, and please include photos, because without them, we are simply unable to make a claim with the carriers. If they are to be expected to replace the cost of something, they want proof that it is actually damaged. It makes sense to us!


Vedas Plant Shop





2/21/2021 - Update - Today, about half of the orders from the last couple of weeks were picked up for shipping, and we plan to get the remainder out tomorrow. Orders placed through Feb 12th are caught up. The weather this next couple of days is looking very good (compared to the past several weeks!), so we don't anticipate any issues caused by Mother Nature! 

As always, we appreciate your patience, while we keep your plants best interest in mind. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.

Thank you!


Vedas Plant Shop


2/16/2021 - A large number of backlogged plants went out yesterday, so thank you to all of you for your patience while we play games with mother nature! Today is nearly 50 degrees here in Chicago, but according to the national weather service, there's a massive winter storm coming immediately after, which could dump up to 18 inches of snow across a large portion of the country, so we are going to ship things that can arrive in 1 day, and anything that is non-plant material today, and then go into a holding pattern again, until the weather clears up. As always, we will keep you updated here. Thanks for your patience!



2/8/2022 Update - We are planning to hold all plant shipments until the week of February 13th- regardless of their destination - based on the cold temperatures we are currently experiencing, combined with reports of several delays from carriers. Rather than risk it, even with a heat pack, and insulated packing, we want to avoid any possibility of a negative experiences for you. It looks like the weather will be more reasonable beginning next week, and we can adjust accordingly then. Thanks for understanding. AND DON'T FORGET TO ADD A HEAT PACK!!  


2/6/2022 Update - Folks, we've still got some cold days ahead before Spring and safe plant shipping, so PLEASE, Please, please, add a heat pack to your order, if you want to ensure that it arrives safely. Remember- these plants are shipping from Chicago, (forecast pasted below) and while we are monitoring the weather, packaging them in insulated material, and holding sensitive plants until we feel comfortable shipping them, it is still very important to add a 72 hour heat pack. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about this, or if you would like to specifically request that we hold your order. We are happy to cooperate, to ensure that your plants arrive safely to you.


1/27/2022 - It's looking like we will be able to ship out all the held orders on Monday, January 31st, thanks to a slight warmup. Fingers crossed that the forecast is accurate! If you haven't purchased a heat pack for your plant order, now is your chance. We do package them in insulation, but the 72 hour heat pack is just additional insurance for your plant's safe arrival.


1/24/2022 Monday Update- The temperature in our area is expected to drop below zero over the next couple of evenings. As this is way too cold for a plant, even with a heat pack and insulation, we are holding shipments until it is safe. Thank you for your understanding!

weather forecast in chicago

Hello Plant Friends!

You may have noticed that it is cold in many places across the country right now. It is VERY cold here in Chicago as well, so we are holding shipments on plants until there is a break in the weather that will give us a slight warm-up. Even packaged well, insulated, and with a 72 hour heat pack, these temperatures can kill a tropical plant fast.

You may continue to order plants from us, as long as you understand that we may not necessarily ship your plant out right away.

Thank you for your patience, while Mother Nature does her thing. We have your plants health and well-being on our mind, and want your experience with us to be a pleasant one!

If you have questions about specific plants during this time, you may email us at or send us a text message to 312-882-8585, and as always, you can come into the shop Wednesday through Monday, during our regular business hours.


-Jeff and the Vedas Plant Shop team