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Frequently asked questions

Below, you will find the answers to many of the most common questions we get. If your question is not answered, please reach out to us via the messenger bubble, text message, or email.

How fast is your delivery?
We try to deliver as quickly as possible, but sometimes that isn't always instantaneous. We feel comfortable calling our delivery Same Day - Next Day Delivery. Meaning, we'll try to get it to you the day that you place your order, and if your schedule allows, we usually will! But in some cases, it might not get delivered until the next day. Your flexibility and communication are appreciated and requested, to make this a smooth and easy process for both you and our delivery staff!
Who do you use for Delivery?
As of now, we use our store employees to make your plant delivery. This has proven to be the most affordable method, and allows us to keep plant and delivery costs down for our customers, and also lets us pay our own people, rather than a 3rd party delivery app. We take pride in our speed, respect, and overall satisfactory delivery process, so please let us know if you have any feedback about your delivery.
What is the Delivery Fee?
Our standard delivery fee is currently $15, but may change depending on your order, distance, and the timeframe your order is needed in.
I haven’t received a Confirmation Email for my Delivery
Please be aware an automated email is sent to you to the given email address when your order is dispatched. Please check all folders including your Spam folder, as it will come from a noreply email address. To ensure emails reach you, add the domain to your 'safe senders' list.
What is your Delivery Range?
Officially, our delivery zone is within 15 miles of the Shop at 3907 North Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618. However, we are able to occasionally make exceptions (special events, large orders, etc). Simply reach out to us via message on this page, or email or text to inquire about this.
Can I pickup from the store?
Yes! We offer Local Pickup at Checkout for the convenience of our customers. Simply select that option, and that order will be available to pickup at the store.
Do you deliver on the weekends?
Yes, we do! But usually only after business hours (as weekends are usually the busier times in the store). Reach out to us to inquire about special circumstances.
Why can't I select Shipping?
As of now, we only offer in store pickup, and local delivery. We are getting ready to begin shipping select products, but we want to make sure that we provide you with the best shipping experience possible, so please bear with us, while we learn this process prior to launching it.
What are your Business hours?
Click on the 'Location and About Us' link on the top of the page for the most up to date Hours of Operation.
Do you allow pets into the store?
We love animals just about as much as we love plants! Yes, we are Pet-Friendly. If your pet is friendly, they are welcome to come into the store with you. Please note that many of the plants we sell are mildly toxic to dogs and cats. If you are concerned with your animal's behavior, please err on the side of caution and leave them with someone outside or at home. Also, if you would prefer that we don't offer your pet a treat, please let us know that, and there will be no hard feelings. Service Animals are always welcome.