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 dr. plant daddy logo, with green leaf behind itDo you and your house plants always get along?
 Are you honestly able to say that all of your plants are thriving?
If you answered 'Yes'- EXCELLENT WORK; Don't change a thing!
Otherwise, if you didn't answer 'Yes', then you're like most people out there. You enjoy having plants in the home, but you don't always keep them alive for a long time. You WANT them to be happy, and to thrive, but sometimes, you just aren't sure what they need.
A person hearing several different plant care instructions in their head, not knowing which is right 
 We understand that plant care might not be as simple as it sounds.
That's why we created Dr. Plant Daddy. To assist you with your plants, at whatever level of involvement you desire.
If your plants aren't looking their best, but you aren't sure what's wrong, or what they need, there's no better time or reason to contact Dr. Plant Daddy. He will come out and assess the situation, taking multiple factors into consideration in order to figure out the issue. Sometimes, it's as simple as moving your plant to a different area of your home. Occasionally we may recommend that you get a grow light, or maybe a different plant for a particular location. Other times, it might require a lifestyle change, and more- or less- frequent waterings for your plants.
No matter what the issue is, we are confident that we can help you provide the best environment and the appropriate care for your leafy friends!
  • Casual Check-ins  Perhaps you want someone to come in and check on your plants once a month. We can do that, and make sure things are going ok, and that you and your plants are hitting it off. We offer scheduled, monthly well-being checks, where we can help you and your plants out, answering any questions you have about them.
  • Longer Plant Sitting  What about those 3 weeks you're travelling for work; You're going to have the thermostat turned way down, and the lights off the whole time... so maybe you'd like them to be checked in on every other day, (which would also double as a way of confusing anyone staking out your house while you're away!).
Either way, that's fine with us, and we're happy to help!
These are just a couple of the more popular services that people request from Dr. Plant Daddy, but there's so much more!
Full Service Plant Professionals
From Interiorscaping your home or office building, to landscaping your front and back yards and even the rooftop- we offer total solution landscaping services as well. We can do things like weekly mowing and maintenance, seasonal cleanup and planting, design and installation, and more, and for both Residential and Commercial Customers!
Learn more about the services we offer here
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