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Holiday Shipping Information


Please Read our Shipping Advisory:


PLEASE ADD THE HEAT PACK TO YOUR ORDER! It is in the 20'S & 30's here, and you don't want to risk the plant being damaged when the carrier leaves it sitting outside for 4 hours! If you do not add the heat pack, unfortunately we cannot help you with a damage claim with the carrier. Please continue reading:

If you are planning to shop from our online store this BFCM 2022 (Black Friday Cyber Monday), or during this Winter season in general, this information is for you!

 We expect an increase in online orders, and appreciate your patience with us getting your order shipped.

We will take several factors into consideration when packing and shipping plants this Holiday Season.

  1. The Plant. The more delicate a plant is (can't handle environmental changes as well as others), the more priority we put on that plant. The idea is to ensure that we are not shipping something out on a Wednesday, and it sits in a cold warehouse all weekend, and arrives at your home damaged or dead on a Monday. We do everything we reasonably can to prevent your plant from having a bad, uncomfortable, or fatal experience in transit to you. Now, this doesn't mean that if you purchase a tougher, more hardy plant, we are going to throw it in a box and hope the mailman picks up on a Friday and gets it to you someday. This is just to represent how we are prioritizing orders during the busy weekend.
  2. Weather. This is quite possibly the most important factor that we take into consideration when shipping plants. It is quite cold in Chicago, as of writing this on November 18th, which is bad for both humans and plants. With these colder temps digging in for the winter, it is unsafe for tropical plants to be exposed to the elements for any extended period of time. We do our best to insulate and protect plants as much as possible, and we still will take extra precautions to ship items out, especially if it also is shipping to a similarly cold area. However, we do ask that you not order a plant if the weather in your location is going to be dipping down into the teens, 20's and 30's for extended periods, without adding a heat pack to your order. We cannot be responsible for any damage to plants from being shipped in cold weather. It is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY to ensure the safety of your plants while they are in transit,  but it is your responsibility to add a heat pack if necessary, or just in an abundance of caution. 
  3. Your Location. We will consider this when it comes to prioritizing shipments, the weather, time in transit, etc. While we will do our best to get all the orders out in the order they came in, sometimes that may not make the most sense for the safety of your plant.
  4. Shipping Delays. We are closely monitoring the carriers, and watching for delays/expected delays for any reason- backlog, natural disasters, weather, holiday shopping madness, etc. If we see that there's an imminent delay that may affect your shipment, we may choose to hold it until we think it is safe to ship. If we do this, we will absolutely reach out to let you know what it going on.
  5. Day of the Week. During the winter months, we are shipping out on Monday's and Tuesday's, as this helps limit the risk of weekend delays. However, we are a small business, with only a couple of people working, and if the holiday orders increase significantly, we may need to ship out on other days as well. We will take into consideration each of the above mentioned factors if we do.


  • Occasionally, we may get overwhelmed, and if we do, and miss or delay your package- WE ARE VERY SORRY, and hope that you can forgive us. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email (, text message (312-882-8585), or the messenger button on our website for more information, or status updates. We would be happy to be made aware of something slipping past us, so that we can make it right as soon as possible!

  • PLANT INSURANCE- To the best of our knowledge, the USPS (United States Postal Service, or Post Office), is the only carrier that guarantees live plants, while the others have live plants specifically listed on their 'Exclusions List'. Please keep that in mind when selecting a carrier and shipping method at checkout. They are automatically covered up to $100. If additional coverage is desired, you will need to purchase that prior to the package being shipped. Please contact us to do so, if it does not show the option at checkout. If it is determined that a plant was damaged by the carrier during transit, we will help you with the claim process, but cannot complete it for you. Please contact us immediately, and have photos of the damage, including the plant, the box, and anything else relevant. The carriers are NOT covering damage claims without photo evidence.

  • *Final Note- Again, we have HEAT PACKS as an available add-on item. We STRONGLY recommend adding one to your order, if placed November through April. There's a high probability that your order will travel through a state that is cold during those months, and a heat pack will be the difference that keeps your plant from getting cold damage when the carrier leaves it outside for a few hours.




We are reasonable people, and we understand that occasionally, 'life happens', so please feel free to reach out to us for more information on anything mentioned above, even if we state that it is not covered, or for questions to your concerns in any other matter! We do our best to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their entire experience, and if we aren't made aware of any issues, we cannot fix them. So please share with us!

 Happy Holidays!!


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