About Us

You're probably thinking, "Oh boy, another Plant Shop has opened. Just what we need, more of the same thing."

Well, I assure you- We are NOTHING like the rest of them! And here's why:

1. The owner, Jeff's entire life has been a love affair with Nature- from plants to animals, Biology to Earth Science, even the weather- Jeff demands to learn everything there is to know about a subject. With his passion for all things Nature, there is no question that he knows his stuff, and also really enjoys helping others learn. Education and Plants both run in his blood, as his Grandfather taught school for over 30 years, and his Great Grandfather was the keeper of The Original 'Vedas Plant Shop', then called the Vedas Greenhouse. Jeff's passion for the business is apparent when you first step inside the shop.

2. We have SO MANY PLANTS in our little space! On last count, the number of plants in the shop (both on the sales floor, and in the various rooms that we grow in) was around 1500 individual plants! That's almost 1 Plant for every Square Foot! Many plant shops are extremely similar to each other in design- You walk in, and there are shelves, and there are plants. Usually, there are about a dozen or more of each kind, which really limits the number of varieties they can display. Our plan was slightly different, in that we wanted to provide the best variety possible, so that everyone that comes in is sure to find something they like, want, or need. Without giving away our business model, we do that by only having one or 2 of each variety out in the shop, so there's room for so many more varieties! While this is different, we aren't stopping there. Stay tuned for what's to come for Vedas Plant Shop!

3. Customer Service at Vedas Plant Shop is tied for our Main Priority. The only reason it is a tie, is because PLANTS are also our Main Priority. Growing and sourcing beautiful, healthy and uncommon plants, along with providing an amazing experience to each of our guests, are the two things that we take very seriously at Vedas. We believe that as a customer, you should get all the knowledge and information you need to take care of your purchase properly, and enjoy it for years to come. We are happy to provide that to you, regardless of where you purchased your plant.