Vedas Plant Shop Blog

  • Houseplants & Watering

    In this post, we are going to cover some facts about watering your house plants- We will answer questions like, "How much water?", "How often do I water?", and "What kind of water do I use?"
  • Plants and Pests - Very Real, and Very Manageable

    Plant Pests can be a tricky thing to handle sometimes. In this blog post, we break it down to the simplest, most efficient steps you need to take, in order to limit pest infestations in your plant collection!
  • Welcome to Vedas Plant Shop Online!

    Our first post, the Welcome Post!

    Hey there, Thanks for visiting our website! While we hope that this one offers you much more then our previous website right off the bat, we are always trying to improve, and are aware that there may occasionally be a kink or two.